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 Brief 1- The Ol' Electroluminescent Panel Trick

Intro Package to an Osteoporosis Client:

"Yo Frank, we've got an X-Ray of Bob's arm holding his business card, can you make a paper sleeve for it?"

"Mind if I back light it in an inch thick box instead?"

"Knock yourself out, BTW: Make wells for the flash drive and Bio Book"

"I'll make it so you can pluck the X-Ray business card from his hand."

Solution- I sandwiched the X Ray with an Electroluminescent Panel. It's a flexible plastic sheet that glows brightly when you hook it up to some AAA batteries and a tiny power booster.

Microswitch in the lid, ship to Zurich - Client went nuts.

Electroluminescent Sources:
EL Inc
Glo Wire

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