Compin' For Michelle

Shop Talk #6

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Tom Ford for Michelle Obama

First Lady wears Tom Ford gown at Buckingham Palace 

Tom Ford Box

Presentation Box For The First Lady:

"This box is special Frankie; it might end up in the Smithsonian!
It's 3 feet across, make it out of mat board, doubled up, glued back to back for stability"

"Yeah, and I'll make the corners overlap perfectly flush, and glue 'em with gel to compensate for absorption"

"Wrap it in hand embossed paper, decorated with real gold foil so it's elegant as well as strong. Thank goodness you know how to do this stuff"

"Think outside it, think inside it... but somebody's gotta build it!"

Intellectual property note:
Sorry, I can't show you a photo of the actual box, it came out great. This is my Photoshop version.


Tom Ford 

Shout-out to Lisa and the Color By Number team   

Gel Glue  


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