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Shop Talk #13

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Talking Refrigerator

Talking Refrigerator
Miniature Merchandiser for Coca Cola: 

"Yo Flex*, my Main Man, we need to demonstrate the refrigerator of the future. You slide open the door and it says "Ahhh!"

"Would a foot tall operating miniature do it for you?"

"We were thinking of a storyboard, but if can you actually build the thing, go for it!"

"Things go better with Flex."

(*my Nickname)


Coke Goes Better with Roy Orbison
USB Programmable Sound Modules 

Magnetic Paint Performance Test 

Fascinating Miniature Urban Dioramas  


Office Supply Sculptures
Ingrid Siliakus 

Ben Hagenbush


Did You Get Your Pyramid?

PyramidFood Pyramid

It's my gift to you. You might know me from the PopUp Pyramid that I mail out, if you haven't received one, or need another, just ask.


Request a Pyramid, specify "Traditional" or "Food"   


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