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Shop Talk #4

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Brief 4- Business card with magnetically attached flash drive 



Card back

Smart business card leave-behind:

"Frankie, how do I hand him a copy of the creative?"

"How about burnin' it onto a flash drive that snaps magically onto your business card?"

"Sometimes it's the little things"

"It's always the little things"



Wafer thin flash drives 

Inexpensive aluminum bizcard cases 

Laser printable silver paper 

1/32" thick magnets 

Johanna Drucker's "The Visible Word"  



Did You Get Your Pyramid?

PyramidFood Pyramid

It's my gift to you. You might know me from the PopUp Pyramid that I mail out, if you haven't received one, or need another, just ask.


Request a Pyramid, specify "Traditional" or "Food"   


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