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Shop Talk #3

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Brief 3- Full-function "Jeopardy" game board
JeopardyBoard 1

JeopardyBoard 2

New Business pitch display:

"What's a reasonable deadline to build a 12 panel Jeopardy board?"

"How does two weeks sound?"

"Can you do it in one?"

"Do I have to answer with a question?"

"You know the rules."

BTW: Do you know these people?



Listen to the Jeopardy theme song 

FoamWerks hole drills 

FoamCore hinges and edge trim  

A.I. Friedman has 'em 


Did You Get Your Pyramid?

PyramidFood Pyramid

It's my gift to you. You might know me from the PopUp Pyramid that I mail out, if you haven't received one, or need another, just ask.


Request a Pyramid, specify "Traditional" or "Food"   


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