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Shop Talk #5

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Brief 5- "The Spinner"  DTC Award Winner!

Breeze Propelled Countertop Brochure Holder:

"Yo, CompMan, Can you engineer a new way to comp, like
instead of making a whole stand full of brochures, make a spacer block that looks like a bunch of 'em"

"Makes sense"

"We just need cardboard sketches to show the client some ideas, they gotta be faster and cheaper to make than finished prepress comps"

"Can do"

"We gotta be able to revise the art real quick."
"Not a problem"

"And this one spins!"
"Piece of cake"

"Don't we look smart"
"Oh yeah!"



Cardboard brochure holders 

Rapp's Vytorin spinner wins DTC Gold award  



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