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Shop Talk #12


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Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Compin' With Frank.  


This issue features prototypes that I built for Victoria's Secret Holiday Collection. The final version was recently released.

Victoria's Secret Gift Set

Red Box
Dozens of Variations for a Bevel Lid Box: 

"OK Elves, I'll be out all night. Where's my Naughty Girl list?"

"Here ya go Santa, hey, you're not gonna give 'em coal again are ya?"

Gold Box

"Ho Ho, no no no, that will never do, we'll save that for the politicians."

"I bet they'd like something that makes 'em feel sexy."

"That's more like it, classy too."

"You won't need mistletoe when they see one of these."


Victoria's Secret Deluxe Gift Set
Working Leica Camera in Paper 

Revolutionary 3D Printing From Your Art 

Miniature Model Wonderland 

Proteigon, What My World Looks Like at 3am 

Hamburger Wrapping Paper 

A Tip of Santa's Cap to my Co-Elves at Color By Number 

Did You Get Your Pyramid?

PyramidFood Pyramid

It's my gift to you. You might know me from the PopUp Pyramid that I mail out, if you haven't received one, or need another, just ask.


Request a Pyramid, specify "Traditional" or "Food"   


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