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Shop Talk #2

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Brief 2- The PopUp Duck
The Duck
Sales Incentive Handout:

"Frankie, Baby, thank God you're available! We need a popup for Aflac, gotta have it in two days"




"Give me some specs, and I'll bring in a white paper dummy"

White Paper Dummy  

"Looks great, can you make it talk and have the business card removable?"


"I'll bring in a greeting card sound module and some dinky magnets"


"You just got that stuff layin' around?"


"I'm a tinkerer"


"You're also a thinkerer!"


Watch PopUp Duck Video

PopUp Sources:
Carter/Diaz -The Elements of PopUp
USB Recordable Sound Modules

Small Powerful Magnets

Did You Get Your Pyramid?

PyramidFood Pyramid

It's my gift to you. You might know me from the PopUp Pyramid that I mail out, if you haven't received one, or need another, just ask.


Request a Pyramid, specify "Traditional" or "Food"   


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